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Where`s Dufton

Thoo`s niver hard of Dufton?, Why where`s ta leeved afoor

It ligs reet under Dufton Pike, Thool see`t fra t`auld barn door

Its a gay queer spot is Dufton , An`t fwoak inside an`o`

The`r terble indipendant like , an hard as that stean wo`

If thoo iver gaas ta Dufton, Thoo`d better mind thisel

Thood niver see thi hat agen, If t` winds blowan straight oft` fell

The`r` nin se` daft in Dufton , If yan`s gitten owt ta sell

Ooiver – than mun larn like me , An as nut inclined ta tell

It`s t` bonniest spot int` county, Fer o` it stands se` heigh

Aye, an` visitors i` hundreds, Gaas theer way up fra t` sea

Yon Pike seems varra larl fra here , But just thee try ta` clim

Afoor lang yan`s oot of puff, Ant` sweet runs off thi` chin

By gum! when yan gits ta` top, If `ts owt sek like a day

Thool see fer ower thirty mile , Aye an`  vanner ivvery way

Oh, aye, the`r varra decent fwoak, An treble kind as weel

Ooor missesco` fra Dufton toon, An that ses qiite a deal

In Dufton Kerk ya Wissndah, At hoaf - past-yan be`t clock

We tweah war wed amang oor frens, Frae Dufton an` frae Knock

Thoo mun git a lass frae Dufton , An` deeah as weel as me

She`ll mak o` sooarts o` thingsta eat, Like Berry Keeak` fer tea

Apple Dumplinsan` Reubarb tarts, Yeard Puddin`, Pez Puddin an` sek

Wi` Teeacle Taffy an Brandy Snaps, An hyam meayde wines ta lep

Ah mind ya` clashy winter`s neet ,Twas stoor an` drife an o

But gar an` git thi ten -o-clocks Ah dunt tell aw ah kno`

Dufton is surrounded by wildlife, including Red Squirrels, which can often be seen in the village.

Dufton village offers a great place to stop off on your Pennine Running, Wakling or Cycle Route.

Dufton lies on the Pennine Way and is surrounded by beautiful walks, including Dufton Pike, the Ghyll and numerous circular routes.